Only TWO DAYS left of our 2013 Equal-A-Thon! Get engaged & help us reach our goal!

DOMA is Dead. The fight in Florida is Alive!


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Yesterday’s historic Supreme Court victories are one of those joyful moments to celebrate and reflect on the amazing progress we are making as a nation. But for those of us who live in states like Florida where our marriages are still banned, the decisions are also an urgent call to action

We aren’t content to wait for equality to trickle down to us someday, somehow. We intend to fight - are you in?

We have a big task to undo the Florida constitutional ban. It will require ALL OF US to step up like never before. We’ll have to get MORE allies, raise MORE money, educate MORE communities, and be MORE visible than ever.  

We are so close to reaching the aggressive $200,000 goal we set to launch our Get Engaged campaign, but time is running out. Will you help?

We’re calling on all Floridians who support equal rights to talk to their family, friends and neighbors about why marriage matters and about why no loving, committed couple should be excluded from marriage based on their zip code.

This is winnable, but you must get engaged. Can you help us with $5 today?

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