Homophobic smears continue in Gainesville

 Last month we reported homophobic smear tactics were being used in Gainesville against openly gay city commissioner Craig Lowe who is now running for Mayor. Apparently, the opposition has not gotten the memo that homophobia doesn't play well in Gainesville because they are at it again. 

Equality Florida Action PAC has endorsed Craig Lowe for Mayor and last week we made phone calls to people in Gainesville to tell them about Craig's candidacy. Today, which also is the first day of early vote in Gainesville, a conservative talk show was discussing Equality Florida calling voters in the city. Hosts complained Craig was using his title as Campaign Chair of the successful campaign to stop Charter Amendment 1 last year in those phone calls. One of the male hosts had received a call and said he didn't know why because he was not a "sexual deviant", implying that pro-equality voters are in fact "sexual deviants". Really? "Sexual deviant" is soooo 1990s. 
This same show has a history of radical, right-wing rhetoric and has made homophobic slurs in the past. Despite these despicable things being said about the LGBT and allied community, in the next week voters in Gainesville will once again prove that homophobia has no place in our elections. 


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