One More Reason for Marriage Equality: Happy Marriage Cuts Health Risk

There have been many studies suggesting that married people enjoy better health than single people. Here is just another study from Israel, echoing the same results. So the denial of marriage rights for gay men and women is actually an assault on the health of our community. The leaders of the movement for marriage equality need to start touting the health benefits of marriage, while objecting strongly to the denial of these better health benefits for gay men and women ready to tie the knot with the person they love.
- Marc Paige

Happy Marriage Cuts Health Risk

(HealthDay News) -- Single or unhappily married men seem to run a greater risk of dying from a stroke than those with good marriages, a new Israeli study indicates.

The study, which tracked more than 10,000 civil servants and municipal workers from 1963 to 1997, found that 8.4 percent of the single men died of strokes, compared to 7.1 percent of the married men. When age and known stroke risk factors such as obesity, smoking and diabetes were included in the analysis, single men had a 64 percent higher risk of fatal stroke than married men, according to a report scheduled to be presented Wednesday at the American Stroke Association's annual stroke conference in San Antonio.

The study also asked men to evaluate the success of their marriages. The 3.6 percent of men who reported dissatisfaction with marriage also had a 64 percent higher risk of a fatal stroke, compared to those who considered their marriages to be very successful.…


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