Marriage is being challenged: Call your clerk

Call Your Clerk

If you've been following our updates you know that County Clerks across Florida are determining whether they will begin issuing marriage licenses on Jan 6th.

We believe it is their duty to do so when the stay in the federal case expires and we are working with attorneys to see that clerks who refuse are hit with costly legal challenges.

You may be seeing in the news that Clerks received a memo from the law firm for the Florida Association of Clerks and Comptrollers instructing them not to issue licenses. The matter may be heading back to the Judge for clarification.

This has been a roller coaster and we expect more twists and turns before Jan 6th arrives but this is not the time to sit back and watch what happens. We need everyone to help us over this hurdle.

Here's what we need you to do:

  1. Contact your Clerk and let her or him know you expect them to uphold their oath to protect the rights of all as guaranteed by the US Constitution and issue a marriage license. Click here for talking points.
  2. Get Everyone You Know to Contact the Clerk - Everyone you would invite to your wedding. All your friends. Get everyone you know to make sure the Clerks understand that denying marriage is unconstitutional.
  3. Email us at [email protected] with updates on what you are hearing.

We will not stop fighting until we achieve full equality for all LGBT Floridians. 

Please join us in the battle to bring marriage equality to all Floridians.


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