EQFL's Safe Schools Work More Important Than Ever

In the wake of the untimely deaths of the students who were relentlessly bullied on the basis of their real or perceived sexual orientation, the importance of Equality Florida's work to support LGBTA youth has become even more apparent.

Equality Florida's Florida Gay-Straight Alliance Network is a state-wide program dedicated to supporting high school based GSAs for LGBTQA youth all over the state. Our program trains youth to organize to defeat homophobia in their schools; supports youth with staff and a comprehensive website of resources; and acts as a watch dog for LGBTQA youth who's first amendment rights are being stiffled.

This past weekend in Miami, Equality Florida's GSA Network partnered with Safe Schools South Florida, Pridelines, The Alliance for LGBTQ Youth and Advocates for Youth to train 30 GSA student leaders and their faculty advisers on making change in their schools and ending the epidemic of bullying and harassment against LGBTQA students.

Because of Equality Florida's legislative work in 2008 more than 60% of students in Florida go to school in parts of the state that categorically protect them based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Equality Florida's GSA Summits take place all over the state, for more information or to register your GSA with our network, email [email protected].

The average cost of a training for LGBTQA youth leaders is more than $600. You can help support our youth programming today with a donation here.


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