We're Still Marching Forward After Disappointing Elections

We won’t sugarcoat this. Last night’s elections were very disappointing. We lost some pro-equality heroes in heartbreakingly close contests.

But as we continue to work for full equality, it is important to keep the election in perspective. Basically, we are where we were before the first votes were cast.

Our path to marriage equality remains the same. The courts have ruled and the day of marriage equality will come even if it must arrive over the objections of the Governor and Attorney General.

And this isn’t just brave talk. In 2010 we faced much worse election day results that were without a doubt a huge setback. Here’s what we said then:

”We have a long history of facing these challenges and making progress despite tough odds." And we showed we meant it by making the last four years our most successful ever.

So while we are disappointed, our resolve is not diminished. We will continue to move forward in this largely unchanged climate because our entire strategy is built on bipartisan support.

In Tallahassee, our growing coalition of top Florida businesses are committed to helping us outlaw anti-LGBT discrimination.

Locally, we will continue the work that has lead us to pass record numbers of safe schools, domestic partnership, and anti-discrimination policies with 26 passed already this year. In fact we secured two more victories on the eve of yesterday's election.

We can also take heart that in an election plagued by apathy, turnout among Equality Florida’s 204,000 supporters was on track to be 20% higher than the state turnout rate. So thanks to you for doing your part to be heard.

Finally we saw some victories yesterday too. More than 69% of our endorsed candidate won. See the complete list of Equality Florida Action PAC's winning candidates below. We share your disappointment at the loss of good people last night at the ballot box, but keep your boots on friends. We are still marching forward.

In Solidarity,

Your Equality Florida Team

P.S. In one of our toughest losses, Rep. Joe Saunders, one of two out gay legislators and a member of our staff, lost by 710 votes after facing $250,000 in reprehensible last minute attack ads. We will miss having him in Tallahassee. However, overall our endorsed candidate win percentage was 69%.




Governor- Charlie Crist- LOST
Attorney General- George Sheldon- LOST

State Legislative:

House, District 8- Alan Williams- WON
House, District 9- Michelle Vasilinda- WON
House, District 21- Jon D. Uman- LOST
House, District 30- Karen Castor-Dentel- LOST
House, District 36- Amanda Murphy- WON
House, District 43- Ricardo Rangel- LOST
House, District 47 - Linda Stewart- LOST
House, District 49- Joe Saunders- LOST
House, District 61- Edwin Narain- WON
House, District 63- Mark Danish- LOST
House, District 65- Carl Zimmerman- LOST
House, District 68- Dwight Dudley- WON
House, District 70- Darryl Rouson- WON
House, District 72- Ray Pilon (RECOMMENDED, not endorsed)- WON
House, District 81- Kevin Rader- WON
House, District 86- Mark Pafford- WON
House, District 87- David Kerner- WON
House, District 89- Bill Hager- WON
House, District 90- Lori-Beth Berman- WON
House, District 92- Gwyn Clarke-Reed- WON
House, District 94- Bobby DuBose- WON
House, District 93- Scott Herman- LOST
House, District 96- Kristin Jacobs- WON
House, District 101- Shevrin Jones- WON
House, District 112- Jose Javier Rodriguez- WON
House, District 113- David Richardson- WON
House, District 114- Daisy Baez- LOST
House, District 117- Kionne McGhee- WON

Senate, District 12- Geraldine Thompson- WON
Senate, District 14- Darren Soto- WON
Senate, District 34- Maria Sachs- WON
Senate, District 36- Oscar Braynon- WON


Alachua, County Commission, Dist. 2- Charles Lee Pinkoson- WON
Alachua, County Commission, Dist. 4- Ken Cornell- WON
Broward, County Commission, Dist. 4- Kenneth E. Keechl- LOST
Broward, County Commission, Dist. 6- Joseph Gibbons- LOST
Daytona Beach, City Commission, Dist. 5- Patrick Henry- WON
Largo, City Commission, Dist.1- Michael Smith - WON
Margate, City Commission, Dist. 3- Lesa, "Lee" Peerman- WON
Osceola, County Commission, Dist. 4- Cheryl Grieb - WON
Pinellas, County Commission, Dist. 2- Patricia Gerard- WON
North Miami, Mayor- Kevin Burns- LOST
Wilton Manors Mayor- Gary Resnick- WON
Oakland Park, City Commission- John Adornato- WON
Tallahassee Mayor- Andrew Gillum- WON
Wilton Manors City Commission- Scott Newton- WON
Hillsborough County Commission- Pat Kemp- LOST
Broward County Commission Barbara Sharief- WON
Bill Rettinger- Palm Bay City Commission District 4- LOST
Julie Ward Bujalski- Mayor of Dunedin- WON
Neptune Beach City Council- Rory Diamond- WON by 1 vote, likely recount
Shari McCartney- Oakland Party City Commission- WON
Derrick Wallace- Orange County Commission - LOST
Alvin Moore- Orange County Commission- LOST
Viviana Janer- Osecola County Commission- WON
Joseph Boles- St. Augustine City Commission (recommended)- LOST

School Board:

Alachua, Dist 3- Gunnar Paulson- WON
Alachua, Dist. 5- Rob Hyatt- WON
Broward, Dist. 1- Felicia Mychele Brunson- LOST
Broward, Dist. 6- Laurie Rich Levinson
Pinellas, Dist. 2- Linda Lerner- WON
Pinellas, Dist. 6- Terry Krassner- WON
Hillsborough, Dist. 6- April Griffin- WON
Orange, Dist. 1- Joie Cadle- WON
Orange, Dist. 2- Daryl Flynn- WON
Volusia, Dist. 5- Diane Smith- LOST
Orange County School Board- Regina Hellinger- LOST

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