Crotty is out, is Webster in?

The political world has been a buzz with the question, who will challenge Congressman Alan Grayson this cycle? 

The rumors have been plentiful, but two of the biggest names have been Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty and Former State Senator Daniel Webster. 
Late on Monday, Crotty has taken his name out of the running, stating that a run for Congress "is not a good fit at this time". State Senator Daniel Webster is rumored to be making a decision this week. Apparently, the website has "just been registered". During his time in the state legislature, Webster was known as one of the more conservative members. 
Mad that Grayson snatched the seat from former US Rep. Ric Keller, the seat has been considered one of the top national targets for the Republicans. However, in recent weeks Grayson has been making a lot of news for his bold statements concerning the healthcare debate. In addition to lots of news coverage for the Congressman, it's been a fundraising cash cow, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in the final days of last quarter. Whoever decides to go up against Congressman Grayson will have to face a giant war-chest and an opponent with name recognition through the roof. 


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