FL Attorney General Should Know Better

On Wednesday, August 26th, FL Attorney General Bill McCollum's Deputy Solicitor General defended Florida's anti-gay adoption ban by saying...
``There is evidence that homosexuals have higher rates of mental disorders, suicide rates and domestic violence. This is a plausible rationale.''
-Timothy D. Osterhaus
Florida's Attorney General is relying on long discredited junk science to smear a segment of the population and justify an indefensible blatant form of state-sanctioned discrimination.
Sign this letter to let Florida's Attorney General know that he, above all, should know discrimination is wrong.

Dear Attorney General McCollum,

As Florida's chief legal officer, you above all people should understand that discrimination is wrong.

I was appalled to read that your representative recently defended Florida's anti-gay adoption ban by broadly painting lesbian and gay people as mentally ill, suicidal, and physically violent.

I can't imagine that you would quietly stand by and allow your employees to make such bigoted statements about any other minority, and I won't let you do it to Florida's gay community.

I demand you publicly apologize for the despicable, dehumanizing rhetoric of your Deputy Solicitor General.


[Your Name]


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