#HonorThemWithAction On Colorado Gives Day

#HonorThemWithAction On Colorado Gives Day

On November 19, we woke up to the all too familiar horror that a gunman had opened fire at Club Q — an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs — killing 5 people and injuring 19 more:

Ashley Paugh (35 years old).
Daniel Aston (28 years old).
Raymond Green Vance (22 years old).
Derrick Rump (38 years old).
Kelly Loving (40 years old).

Club Q, just like Pulse, was a community refuge — a safe space — and it’s no coincidence that at a time of supercharged anti-LGBTQ hate rhetoric fueled by powerful leaders and right-wing extremists, that sense of safety has been shattered by violence.

Thanksgiving tables had empty chairs this year. Holidays will have missing faces. These are the costs of hate violence — costs we know all too well.

But in times of deep grief, pain, and anger — our community looks out for each other.

After the Pulse Tragedy in 2016, we called on the community to #HonorThemWithAction.

That’s why we’re participating in Colorado Gives Day — a 24-hour day of online giving. Honor the victims of this senseless violence with action by donating to help support the victims and their families and provide resources to the organizations doing the work on the ground.

  • Club Q Victims Fund. This GoFundMe campaign has partnered with the National Compassion Fund (NCF) to create the Club Q Victims and Survivors Compassion Fund. 100% of donations to this fund will go directly to the victims.
  • One Colorado (the state’s LGBTQ organization). They’ve been on the frontlines of the response to the attack at Club Q. Support their work to ensure the state is a safe space for every person who lives, works, and visits Colorado.
  • Inside Out Youth Services. An LGBTQ youth services organization based in Colorado Springs.

Since news of the shooting at Club Q, Equality Florida has been in touch with our partners in Colorado to provide support and ensure the community receives the care it needs.

On Colorado Gives Day, make a difference by donating a gift of any size.

Every time we stand up to hate, push back against bullying, and reject violence, we’re honoring the 5 victims of Club Q and the 49 victims of Pulse with action. Because our acts of love will endure beyond right-wing hatred and violence. We hope you’ll join us.




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