Equality Florida statement on Trans Sports Ban postponement in the Senate

BREAKING: Today the Senate's Trans Sports Ban was postponed on the Rules Committee agenda - a move that will almost certainly kill it barring extraordinary maneuvers. We remain vigilant but will be celebrating this incredible turn of events. Our full statement:
“With the temporary postponement of SB2012 and the subsequent statements from Senator Stargel, it appears that the overwhelming opposition to the Trans Youth Sports Ban makes it unlikely to move forward,” said Gina Leigh Duncan, Director of Transgender Equality. “We will continue monitoring to ensure that no other procedural moves can resurrect it. While the reversal of momentum on this bill is welcome news, the harm inflicted by lawmakers this Session is unconscionable. Facing unprecedented and urgent challenges in the wake of a deadly pandemic and the largest civil rights protests in American history, legislators placed a target on the backs of the most vulnerable among us — transgender children — to score political points. Make no mistake, this is a nationally-coordinated effort to feed red meat to a socially-conservative base at the expense of our kids. We are grateful to the coalition of sports icons, major corporations, organizations, business leaders, classmates, parents, and trans kids who stood tall in the face of transphobia to oppose this legislation. This bigoted, damaging bill should never have seen the light of day and lawmakers should reflect on the harm they have caused vulnerable youth to further their political careers. To trans kids across Florida: you are loved. And we will continue to defend your right to thrive.”


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