Miami-Dade County School Board Votes 5-3 Against LGBTQ History Month Proclamation


Last night after a 10-hour marathon hearing, the Miami-Dade County School Board voted 5 - 3 to reject a proclamation recognizing October as LGBTQ History Month in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Yesterday the Miami-Dade School Board, which has previously recognized LGBTQ History Month, has again capitulated to Governor DeSantis’ influence and antagonism by stepping back from its responsibility to build safe and inclusive public schools. After enormous pressure from far-right activists and misinformation about the scope of state law, the board rejected a similar proclamation last year by an 8 - 1 vote.

We thank Board Members Luisa Santos and Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall for joining our champion Board Member Lucia Baez-Geller this year as cosponsors of this measure, and we reject the unfounded legal arguments and rhetoric that came from Board Members Mari Tere Rojas, Roberto Alonso, Danny Espino, Monica Colluci, and Mary Blanco. Board Member Steve Gallon was not present for the vote.

While equality did not carry the day, we celebrate the growing coalition of board members in Miami-Dade willing to reject the anti-LGBTQ hysteria on display in public comments yesterday. Thank you to the over 20 students, and 100 parents, teachers, and supporters who turned out to call for honest history and inclusion. Your presence and voices are how we resist the toxic policies of Governor DeSantis and his allies. The resistance to hate and discrimination is growing every day because our community is showing up and refusing to flinch. We’ll never stop fighting for a Miami-Dade County Public School system where every student is protected and every family is respected.


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