UPDATE: Buju "Murder Gays" Banton Concerts

Earlier this month 5 performances where advertised in Florida for Buju Banton, the notorious singer whose lyrics call for the torture and murder of gay men.

So far, due to an outpouring of opposition from Equality Florida members and community allies, management at the venues in Tampa and Orlando have canceled; the Tallahassee event in now listed as withdrawn on the Eventful.com website; Jacksonville management has not responded and Toyota has dropped it's sponsorship of the Miami event.

Here's how you can help:

1)Circulate the petition calling for the venue to cancel:

If you are willing to email decision-makers individually, here is the direct contact info below.
If you'd

2) Thank Toyota for pulling their sponsorship of the event

Send email to the Toyota of Hollywood/ Dream Team contact
Clifton Budhan, [email protected]

3)Contact the venue Manager
Lorenzo Muniz
General Manager
James L. Knight Ctr.
Miami Convention Ctr.
Global Spectrum Managed Facilities
(305) 416-5970 Office
(305) 416-5974 Direct
[email protected]

Here are the executives of the venue management company:

[email protected];

Here's a sample letter to 103.5 The Beat radio station that is sponsoring the concert:

[email protected]
[email protected],
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Wiggins,

Thank you for your role in bringing great music and public service to South Florida. I am sure that you understand the dangers of supporting and condoning hate speech and espousing violence against any minority group.
Therefore, I must assume you are not fully aware that the upcoming (and ironically titled) Miami Reggae Bash 2009, sponsored by 103.5 The Beat and starring Buju Banton and Beenie Man, is giving voice to two performers who advocate the killing, oppression and literally the bashing of lesbian and gay people in Jamaica and around the world. Such a concert has no place in South Florida, and especially not with the support of such a fine Clear Channel station as yours which respects diversity and equal rights.
I understand the promoter is well aware of of the homophobic background of Buju Banton, but has been convinced people that it was all in the past and that Banton would not perform one of his homophobic songs. However, another homophobic Banton performance was posted on YouTube just this month, and that he has recently been quoted as saying "There is no end to this war between me and f****ts.
You need not take my word for Buju Banton and Beenie Man's espousal of hate. In case you are not familiar with the music and statements of these two homophobic performers, see theses Wikipedia citations .
Buju Banton and Beenie Man's homophobia are not a thing of the past.
Clear Channel and 103.5 The Beat should not be associating their good names with this concert and with these hate-filled performers. Co-sponsors the Toyota of Hollywood "Dream Team" has already withdrawn its support. Please withdraw your sponsorship of this concert immediately, discontinue all on-air and Internet promotion, and encourage the promoter and venue to cancel the Miami performance as the Tampa Ritz and the Hard Rock Orlando have already done.


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