UPDATE: Buju Banton Gets New Tampa & Orlando Venues

TAMPA: Cuban Club Ybor Oct 30th

I just talked to the Cuban Club (Jocelyn). She said they booked him and have asked him NOT to perform the song Boom Bye Bye. I let her know that Buju Banton has never renounced the song and that he continues to profit from calling for the murder, maiming and torture of gay people. I also let her know he has reiterated his position in the Jamaican media stating: There is no end to the war between me and the faggots. Please sign on to the letter calling on venues to stop giving a platform to those who incite violence.

Please contact:

Cuban Club Tampa
Box Office (813) 248-2954

Email: [email protected]

N Avenue Republica De Cuba

Tampa, FL 33605-3653



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