Important announcement! Law Enforcement Diversity Training being held this Friday!

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LGBT Employees in Public Safety and LGBT Community Partnerships

Equality Florida Institute is pleased to be co-presenting important Law Enforcement Training this Friday at the Valencia Community College Criminal Justice Center Auditorium. This half day workshop is being presented in cooperation with the Orlando Police Department, TransAction Florida and the Valencia Community College Criminal Justice Institute. The workshop will include a focus on transgender engagement and law enforcement protocols.

“The rapidly emerging transgender community has never been more visible. With this increased visibility, the community continues to face alarmingly high rates of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and violence. The goal of this training is to engage transgender visibility with an increased understanding through awareness and education of the transgender journey. Our law enforcement community partners are a vital part of transgender inclusion in today’s society. Working together for increased understanding of transgender issues will improve law enforcement interaction with transgender citizens so that everyone will be treated with dignity and respect,” Gina Duncan, Equality Florida’s Transgender Inclusion Director.

The course objectives are: 1. Understand the dynamics of the LGBT community and common issues LGBT individuals face. Through this better understanding, public safety employees will be better prepared to deal with issues involving LGBT individuals and be able to better assist them in the process. 2. Assist agencies to improve their workplace support of LGBT employees. 3. Provide awareness of perceptions of the LGBT community. 4. Build community trust and create a better perception of law enforcement and public safety within the community. 5. Preparation to handle situations the include LGBT individuals. 6. Accurately report bias motivation in crimes, 7. Better conduct investigations, 8. Understanding and being able to create policies that address LGBT issues.

To register please contact: Lt. Jim Young, [email protected]

Lt. James Young, OPD
Nathan Bruemmer, TransAction, Stetson Law
Gina Duncan, Transgender Inclusion Director, EQFL

Friday, Nov. 6th, 8:00AM to 12:00PM

CJI Building
8600 Valencia College Lane
Orlando, FL 32825




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