The Power of Unity: Embracing our LGBTQ Community

The Power of Unity: Embracing our LGBTQ Community


In the intricate tapestry of my existence as a Black, Christian, Queer woman, I've encountered relentless challenges from those unable to fathom my humanity. Yet, amidst this perpetual conflict, I find solace in the liberties bestowed upon me by my forefathers, individuals whose transformative impact has shaped our world.

The empowerment drawn from this reality is undeniable, but it is accompanied by a poignant sense of sorrow. Our struggles for the right to love, marry, and be free have been hard-fought battles. This is why gatherings like Creating Change, organized by the National LGBTQ Task Force, hold immense power and significance.

During my time in New Orleans, Louisiana, I had the privilege of meeting visionaries and change-makers actively shaping the world. I was also surrounded by students from Florida International University, Florida State University, and etc., institutions at the forefront of championing marginalized youth in Florida. In that space, I felt an unparalleled sense of power and acceptance.

Not being to a conference similar, I have found great knowledge and empowerment from Creating Change. The space introduced me to concepts and individuals I would only dream of knowing. In that week, there was vulnerability displayed. Love resonated throughout the city and small groups dedicated to the people that have multiple identities influencing their lived reality.

Participating in these small groups dedicated to Christians, minorities, organizers, etc. at the conference was transformative. As these groups momentarily separated us, they paradoxically brought us closer together. The stories of our Bisexual brothers, gender-fluid siblings, and abused family members underscored the unity in our shared struggle. Spaces like these, where authenticity is embraced, enable us to truly be free.

Now, as I reflect, I see the true meaning of unity. Therefore, I urge you to forge alliances with local organizations like Equality Florida and institutions like Florida International University’s Pride Center, a center actively empowering queer youth in South Florida. Such spaces may be rare, but the dream of freedom can become a reality. We are not merely surviving; we are thriving for liberation.

In our state of fight or flight, it's essential to appreciate the present moment. Cherish the impactful work you are doing for a noble cause because we deserve to live, and live we shall.

Strength lies in numbers, and whether through donation or volunteering, your involvement makes that organization one person stronger. We need you, and more importantly, the future needs you.


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