Orange County HRO moves forward

Today, the Orange County Commission held a discussion about enacting a human rights ordinance (HRO) that would protect LGBT people from discrimination in the county.

The OADO committee, a coalition of organizations and community leaders, including Equality Florida members and staff, have led the charge for the ordinance. After many months of meetings with OADO members, Commissioners Linda Stewart and Bill Segal bought the ordinance to the entire Commission.

(RIGHT: Members of the OADO Committee with Orange County Comm. Stewart and Orlando City Comm. Patty Sheehan.)
The HRO was stalled two weeks ago in a procedural vote. After working with the OADO committee and Commissioners Stewart and Segal, Mayor Rich Crotty scheduled the HRO for discussion in today's meeting. The proposed policy is modeled after the Leon County HRO that passed earlier this year.
The final vote on the HRO will happen on November 23. Members of the community are encouraged to attend the Nov. 23 meeting to show support for the proposed policy.


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