The Next Mayor? LGBT Champion OR Anti-Gay Crusader?

** St. Pete's Next Mayor - ***
*** An LGBT Champion or an Anti-Gay Crusader? ***

Special note: This is a huge race for our entire state. No matter where you live, you can join this virtual phone bank. Please spread the word to your network.

Dear Friends,

The actions we take in the next 7 days will decide if St.
Petersburg's anti-gay mayor is replaced by a pro-equality
champion or someone with an even more homophobic record than the

The fourth largest city in the state will be run by either a
successful businessman and LGBT supporter -- Scott Wagman, or an
anti-gay former City Council Member -- Bill Foster, who fought
hard against sexual-orientation protections in the city's Human
Rights Ordinance.

Who gets to decide? You!

The turnout for this election is likely to be very low and that
means every voter we reach could be the margin of victory.

Sign up today for our August 27th virtual phone bank. You can
volunteer right from your home - all you need is a phone and a
computer with an internet connection.

Select a 2.5 hour phone bank slot by clicking here:

You'll receive a 15-minute training to ensure you have a
successful experience.

Even if you don't live in St. Pete you can still help. The
outcome of this race, in Florida's 4th largest city, has broad
implication in the state. Electing a pro-equality champion to
replace a homophobic mayor would send the right message at a
time when gains in LGBT Equality are being made nation wide.

Click here:

Sign up today! Phone bank voters and urge them to cast their
ballots for pro-Equality champion Scott Wagman. Together, we'll
call thousands of voters who will likely decide the outcome of
this election.

Click here:


Nadine Smith
Executive Director

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