Historic First For Trans Equality: Biden Appoints Dr. Rachel Levine as Assistant Secretary of Health


Statement from Equality Florida's Director of Transgender Equality, Gina Duncan, on the historic appointment of Dr. Rachel Levine as Assistant Secretary of Health:

"President-Elect Biden committed to an administration that reflects the diversity of America. Today, by the historic nomination of Dr. Rachel Levine to be his assistant secretary of health, Biden stands true to his words that people should not be judged by their gender identity, but by their leadership and essential expertise needed to pull the nation out of this pandemic.

It cannot be overstated that we are moving from a President who was committed to the erasure of the transgender community to a President committed to embracing gender diversity at historic levels of his administration.

To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, we hope to one day live in a nation where people are not judged by their gender identity or expression, but by the content of their character."

Full press release from the Biden-Harris transition team.










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