Equality FL Responds to Miami Dade Public Schools Vote to Reject LGBTQ History Month

STATEMENT: Equality Florida Responds to Miami-Dade School Board Vote to Reject LGBTQ History Month

MIAMI, FL -- Last night, the Miami Dade School Board rejected, by an 8-1 vote, a proclamation recognizing October as LGBTQ History Month in the district. This simple, non-binding resolution was nearly identical to a similar resolution passed with a 7-1 vote of support by the same Board just last year. The measure, introduced by Board Member Lucia Baez Geller, would have symbolically declared October LGBTQ History Month in Miami Dade County Public Schools and included a request to district staff to explore ways to support 12th grade civics teachers interested in including landmark Supreme Court cases on marriage equality and nondiscrimination in their course work.

"Tonight’s vote is one more proof point of the sweeping chilling effect of Florida’s discriminatory Don’t Say LGBTQ law and the toxic anti-LGBTQ environment being fostered by Governor DeSantis," said Equality Florida Senior Political Director Joe Saunders. "The Don’t Say LGBTQ law is rooted in the same dangerous tropes about LGBTQ people and baseless attacks on teachers that were on full display in public comments at last night’s hearing. We are shocked and alarmed to see this reversal from the Miami Dade School Board. This is a horrible signal to send to the thousands of LGBTQ youth in Miami-Dade County public schools. Voting down this simple recognition of our LGBTQ community makes our schools less safe.”

Nearly every board member opposing the resolution voiced their belief that the proclamation violated the Don’t Say LGBTQ Law, further evidence of the sweeping censorship of this law. Across the state, the law has fueled bans on books and “safe space” stickers and has led to dangerous policies targeting transgender students. Miami Dade County Public Schools have a long history of leading on common sense policies that include, recognize, and protect LGBTQ youth. Last night, board members abandoned that mission in service to anti-LGBTQ fear, misinformation, and a governor obsessed with a future presidential run.

Equality Florida sends a special thank you to School Board Member Lucia Baez-Geller, who brought the LGBTQ History Proclamation and stood strong in the face of unprecedented vitriol from extremists last night.e


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