Judge Strikes Health Care Amendment from Ballot

From The Florida Current:


A Leon County judge on Thursday morning threw Amendment 9 – the "health care freedom" amendment - off the November ballot. This is now the third amendment proposed by the Florida Legislature that has been taken off the 2010 ballot by judges.

Judge James Shelfer – the same judge who ruled that Amendment 7 should be removed from the ballot – ruled from the bench that the measure was misleading. It is likely that the ruling will be appealed.

The Republican-controlled Legislature passed Amendment 9 as a reaction to federal health care reform. The proposed amendment aims to curb the reach of the federal health care reform overhaul by making clear that health care mandates don't impact Floridians.

The group that filed the lawsuit, however, contended the summary was misleading because it said the amendment guaranteed Floridians a health care system that preserves the doctor/patient relationship, ensures no waiting lists and guards against mandates that don't work.


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