Gainesville Voters Take A Stand Against Discrimination

It's still unofficial, but right now with 82% of precincts reporting about 61% has voted down City Charter Amendment 1. Here's the election returns.

For over a year, supporters of Charter Amendment 1 have waged a fear-based campaign that blatantly lied to voters about the intent and impact of Charter Amendment 1 and specifically targeted transgender people with harmful discrimination. The sweeping language of the ballot initiative, which was written by a far right conservative group in Michigan, would have prohibited the City of Gainesville from providing nondiscrimination protections beyond the minimal protections set forth in the Florida Civil Rights Act.

Again.  It's still unofficial, but I  feel confident in saying the ugly tactics to dehumanize transgender people have failed.  Today the City of Gainesville has once again proven itself as a beacon of progress.  


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