VIDEO: Father's Day Special on Why Marriage Matters

A Father's Day Special on Why Marriage Matters:
Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez & David Price

"For my kids, now that they are getting bigger, it's important for me to make sure that they understand that we are a family...and that they have [dads] who love each other and are proud of being who they are and having kids." - Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez, plaintiff in the marriage equality lawsuit.

"I think we both view that the family jewels are the two children. We do everything for them now. Everything about our relationship is for the children. We plan everything around them and our future. And we want to get married so their future is also protected. " - David Price, plaintiff in the marriage equality lawsuit.

David and Juan Carlos met in Bogota, Columbia in 1996 when they were both invited to the same weekend outing by mutual friends. Juan Carlos is a native of Columbia and David was transferred to Columbia by his company for a temporary assignment. When David’s contract was over, they decided to locate their family in the United States. They currently live in Davie, FL where they are raising their 3 year old twins Christian and Sofia. Juan Carlos is a physician and David manages his medical practice.

David and Juan Carlos are fighting for marriage because without marriage, they spent years fighting to be able to keep their family intact. They realize how lucky they are to have the financial resources to afford the costs of immigration. They have watched other couples suffer separation, detention, and deportation because the protections of marriage are unavailable to them. They want everyone to be able to build a home and family with the one they love.

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