DeSantis Administration Censors AP Psychology Course

DeSantis Administration Censors AP Psychology Course

Robs Students of College Credit for Course Completion

TALLAHASSEE, FL -- The Florida Department of Education sent a notice to the Superintendent's Association today that AP Psychology must be scrubbed of its gender and human sexuality unit in order to continue being taught in Florida classrooms. This censorship of course content will result in students being denied AP designation and, as a result, the college credit earned for completing the course. The move also comes as the DeSantis Administration doubles down on its whitewashing of African American history and peddling of lies about enslaved people "benefiting" from chattel slavery.

Equality Florida issued the following statement:

The DeSantis regime is at war with students and parents, censoring more AP curriculum and denying students the opportunity to earn college credit. The administration has already stated that the AP African American Studies course “lacks significant educational value,” instead preferring to falsely applaud slavery as an American jobs program. Now, the DeSantis Administration wants to rewrite AP Psychology curriculum to enforce their image of America, too. Governor DeSantis will undermine any student’s education, revoke any parent’s rights, and demolish any curriculum to remake Florida's schools into right wing propaganda machines in service to his political ambitions. His administration continues to use families and classrooms as pawns and do catastrophic damage to this state and its reputation. 


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