2010 Election Critical for Florida's Future

In days we will be celebrating the start of 2010, a year that will be enormously important for Floridians. The 2010 election is the most important election we have had, or will have, for decades.  Voters will choose new leaders for many statewide offices as well as their state legislators.

Florida Today puts it best:
"The upcoming year promises to be one of the most momentous, not just for the 365 days ahead but reaching into the
 future for a decade to come.

For the first time, every post in the state's Cabinet will be up for grabs in the same election. Governor, attorney general, chief financial officer and agriculture commissioner will each be filled by new people.

The U.S. Senate race will lead the parade.

All 120 Florida House seats are up for grabs and more than half of the Senate. Qualifying for stateoffice elections ends June 18. Primary elections are Aug. 24. The general election is Nov. 2."

Mid-term elections, elections without a presidential candidate at the top of the ticket, typically have lower turn out, so every vote is significant. This is Florida's real opportunity for change. For the first time, every cabinet position is open- voters will have a unique opportunity to redefine the direction we take in the years to come. So for anyone who has every been frustrated by the actions of leadership in Tallahassee and wants something better for our collective future, now is the time to pay attention and to get involved. 
Read about the amendments that will be on the ballot and budget concerns for next legislative session here


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