2010 Ballot to have six proposed amendments

This election year, voters will be asked about six proposed constitutional amendments on a variety of issues. Proposed amendments relating to campaign finance laws and legislative redistricting, will have an impact on Florida elections for years to come.

Repeal of public campaign finance laws: The Florida Legislature voted in the spring to put before voters a proposed amendment that would repeal the public campaign financing for statewide campaigns.

Homestead ad valorem tax: The Legislature is asking voters to provide an additional homestead property tax exemption for members of the U.S. military or military reserves, the Coast Guard or its reserves, or the Florida National Guard, who receive a homestead exemption and were deployed in the previous year on active duty outside of the United States.

Property tax limit for non-homestead property: The Legislature also put on the ballot a proposal to limit the maximum annual increase in the assessed value of nonhomestead property to 5 percent. It also requires the Legislature to provide another homestead exemption for people who have not owned a principal residence during the last eight years.

Hometown Democracy: The group known as Florida Hometown Democracy garnered enough signatures to place an amendment on the ballot that would require changes to local comprehensive growth plans to be approved by local voters at the polls.

Redistricting: The group Fair District Florida collected signatures for Amendments Five and Six, which deal with the redrawing of legislative and congressional districts. The amendment prohibits officials from drawing legislative districts that favor incumbents or parties and sets up other requirements.


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