Equality Florida’s Transgender Inclusion Initiative, known as TransAction Florida, continues to grow grassroots engagement and influence state public policy. This initiative has been instrumental in identifying the need for increased transgender education in many of our society’s fundamental institutions. The TransAction Advisory Council has now grown to 27 members since its inception in 2014. The TransAction Advisory Council was trained in media and messaging by the Franklin Education Forum, sponsored by the Gill Foundation and from that, a Statewide Transgender Speakers Bureau was formed to properly address the need for transgender media spokespeople.

Our transgender inclusion education efforts have expanded from conducting transgender inclusion workshops with major Florida employers to training media, law enforcement, health care and the faith community. In doing so, creating a broader base of understanding and multi-level support from societal institutions which interface with the transgender community. TransAction has also been highly engaged in public policy issues, supporting filly inclusive Human Rights Ordinances across Florida and the statewide non-discrimination bill, the Competitive Workforce Act.

The need for quality health care and service providers for the transgender community has never been more in demand. Our community is emerging in rapid numbers, spanning all age groups. The Transgender Resource Guide has been developed to provide a directory of quality trans-friendly service providers from across the state. Our goal is that this will be a living resource guide that will be updated regularly.






National Transgender Lifeline Crisis Line (Staffed by Transgender Individuals) 1-877-565-8860

Organization in need of volunteers; locale is not a problem.

Crisis Help:  The Trevor Project 24 Hour Telephone: 866-488-7386

Veterans Crisis Line (also available for non-veterans) 24 Hour Telephone: 1-800-273-8255; press 1




TransAction Florida

Program Objectives: 

1. Ensure that transgender inclusion is woven into all we do at Equality Florida and ensure that gender identity and expression is a part of Equality Florida’s advocacy culture.
2. Engage, educate and support a statewide network of transgender advocates: The TransAction Florida Advisory Council
3. Ensure transgender inclusion in all Human Rights Ordinance and School Board Policy work on a statewide basis.
4. Conduct regular Transgender Inclusion Education Workshops to all segments of society: employers, the media, law enforcement, health care and faith communities.
5. Support annual Transgender Day of Visibility, Transgender Day of Remembrance and Annual Pride events.
6. Produce and regularly update the Statewide Transgender Resource Guide
7. Engage and collaborate with institutional partners within our society which interact with the transgender community.
8. Train key top executives to be effective advocates for transgender rights and protections.

Staff Qualifications:

Gina Duncan
Director of Transgender Equality

Gina Duncan was a leader in the Mortgage Banking industry in Orlando for 30 years. She served on the Board of Directors of the Home Builders Association of Mid-Florida and Mortgage Bankers Association of Central Florida. Gina was President of the Mortgage Bankers Association of Central Florida in 2005. She was with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage from1997 to 2011, and served as the Area Manager of Central Florida, and then promoted to Regional Manager for East Florida, overseeing 26 branches, over 250 employees and a multimillion dollar budget. While at Wells Fargo, Gina was Chair of the East Region of Wells Fargo’s employee resource group, PRIDE, for LGBT employees, overseeing 46 PRIDE chapters from Maine to Texas.

Gina also served on the Orlando Human Rights Campaign Steering Committee as Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee. Gina was elected President of the Metropolitan Business Association (MBA), the LGBT Chamber of Commerce in Orlando. She was the first transgender person to serve as President of a major chamber of commerce in the country. Gina was invited to attend the first ever Human Rights Campaign’s National Women’s Diversity Leadership Conference, and served on the HRC National Business Council.

In 2014, Gina became Equality Florida’s Transgender Inclusion Director embarking on a career in corporate transgender inclusion training and consulting. Gina has trained major corporations across the United States and was a guest speaker at the Global Summit on Human Rights in Milan, Italy sponsored by the Harvey Milk Foundation. Gina is now recognized as a national and international speaker on transgender inclusion in the work place.

Gina chairs Equality Florida’s Transgender Inclusion Initiative, TransAction Florida, which is comprised of a 27-member advisory board from all over the state of Florida. TransAction advocates for transgender rights and protections through public policy, advocacy and education efforts statewide.

She is now a national and international advocate, corporate trainer and speaker specializing in transgender dynamics in the workplace and classroom. She has worked with major corporations, elected officials, school boards, colleges, universities and non-profit organizations to improve knowledge and understanding of the transgender journey and the development of competencies in supporting transgender people in the workplace, educational environments and in various organizations. She provides knowledge of the dynamics of the transgender community, with the belief that embracing diversity in the workplace increases productivity, provides a corporate competitive advantage, and increases economic development in society.


Besides conducting transgender workplace workshops, Gina has served as a subject-matter expert on transgender equality and inclusion issues, providing transgender cultural competency workshops or presenting to the following companies, universities, conferences, summits and governmental organizations: 

1. Orange County Board of County Commissioners
2. Darden International
3. Disney Companies
4. Hilton International
5. Wells Fargo and Company
6. University of Central Florida
7. Rollins College 
8. Troy State University
9. Orange County School Board
10.City of Orlando, City Council
11. Zebra Coalition
12. Harbor House
13. The Center (LGBT Resource Facility)

14. Sodexo International
15. NBC Universal
16. Diversity and Opportunity Conference
17. Florida Labor Council
18. EA Sports
19. JetBlue Airlines
20. Florida Diversity Council
21. University of South Florida
22. University of North Florida
23. Florida Redevelopers Association Conference
24. Society of Human Resource Managers (Austin, Texas)
25. Siemens
26. Beacon Network
27. Florida Blue
28. UCF School of Medicine
29. Sarasota City Council
30. Miami-Dade County Commission
31. Hillsboro County Commission
32. Pensacola City Council
33. Broward County Anti-Defamation League
34. Orlando Youth Alliance Summit
35. Florida A&M School of Law
36. Central Florida Law Enforcement Summit 2015
37. Brevard County School Board
38. Broward County School Board
39. TransCon Conference, Miami, Keynote Speaker
40. Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce
41. All Together Now Florida School Board Conference
42. Seminole State University, Orlando
43. Hillsborough Community College
44. Greater Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
45. ACLU of Volusia County
46. VA Diversity Summit, Orlando
47. Lockheed Martin Orlando, Dallas and Bethesda, MD
48. Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
49. Greater Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce
50. Planned Parenthood Leadership Conference
51. Orlando Youth Alliance
52. University of Tampa
53. Skidmore College, NY
54. PFLAG Gainesville Diversity Summit
55. Hodges University Florida
56. Indian River State College
57. Florida Atlantic University
58. Broward County Chamber of Commerce
59. Guardian Ad litem, Gainesville Chapter
60. Bliss Cares HIV/Health Care
61. Global Diversity Summit, Milan Italy, sponsored by the Harvey Milk Foundation
62. Tedx Boca Raton, Speaker 2016