Transgender and nonbinary people, especially communities of color, continue to face unthinkable levels of harassment, discrimination, and violence. The repeal of a number of protections for transgender people has only made their lives more dangerous. In 2018, Florida was at the epicenter with five murders of transgender people, the most of any state. 2020 was the deadliest year on record for transgender and nonbinary murders. TransAction has also been highly engaged in public policy issues, supporting inclusive Human Rights Ordinances across Florida and pushing back on anti-trans legislation like the Trans Youth Sports Ban and the Trans Youth Medical Care Ban.

To raise awareness of issues like these and to advocate for Florida’s transgender community, we established TransAction in 2014. Through petitions, news alerts, rallies, and educational opportunities, TransAction is a leading voice in responding to attacks on transgender people. Additionally, the program has conducted hundreds of diversity trainings throughout the state at major corporations, health care systems, law enforcement agencies, faith organizations, schools, and universities. In doing so, creating a broader base of understanding and multi-level support from societal institutions which interface with the transgender community.

Our work focuses on social justice issues critical to the transgender and nonbinary community, such as incarceration, violence, engagement with law enforcement, quality health care, and homelessness issues. In 2019 TransAction launched the TransAction Leadership Academy which has helped to teach transgender youth about advocacy and how to use their voice.

In addition to our transgender education and advocacy efforts, we produce and maintain a Transgender Resource Guide, a publication that provides a statewide directory of quality, transgender-friendly service providers from across the state.

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