Wal-Mart Adds Gender Identity Protections

Equality Means Business LogoThe nation's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, has added gender identity to the company's employee non-discrimination policy. The policy already included sexual orientation protections. 

Wal-Mart joins the growing number of businesses who understand providing protections for all employees is good for business. A majority of Fortune 500 companies, 87% have protections based on sexual orientation and 46% also include gender identity. In fact, the more successful the company, the more likely they are to provide workplace protections for all employees. 

Other major employers that provide LGBT protections include Coca-Cola; jetBlue; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Pepsico, Citi, Nike; Chevron; Wells Fargo; RBC Bank and at&t. 

Equality Florida applauds Wal-Mart for adding gender identity protections. Equality Florida has launched Equality Means Business, a project to spotlight major employers in Florida that have adopted comprehensive non-discrimination policies for their employees. For more information, visit equalitymeansbusiness.org


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