State legislators get re-elected without opposition

Election Day isn't until November 4, but on Friday candidates around the state were re-elected to the state legislature. 

June 20 at noon marked the end of the qualifying period for candidates to officially be on the August or November ballots. Many members of the state legislature were re-elected without opposition because no other candidates in their races qualified for the ballot. 
Approximately 1/4 of the Florida Senate and 1/3 of the Florida House of Representatives were re-elected without opposition. 
Congratulations to the pro-equality legislators who were re-elected on Friday. Equality Florida looks forward to working with all legislators in the next legislative session to make our state a more fair place for LGBT people. Below is a list of the lawmakers who won. 
Florida State Senate 
SD 2- Greg Evers (R)
SD 4- Aaron Bean (R)
SD 8- Dorothy Hukill (R)
SD 18- Wilton Simpson (R) 
SD 26- Bill Galvano (R) 
SD 28- Nancy Detert (R)
SD 38- Rene Garcia (R)
SD 40- Miquel Diaz de la Portilla (R)
Florida House
HD 4- Matt Gaetz (R)
HD 7- Halsey Beshears (R)
HD 14- Mia Jones (D)
HD 19- Charles Van Zant (R) * Rep. Van Zant is not a friend of Equality. For more on his previous homophobic comments, click here
HD 20- Clovis Watson (D)
HD 22- Charlie Stone (R)
HD 23- Dennis Baxley (R) * Rep. Baxley is not a friend of Equality. For more on Dennis Baxley's previous anti-gay remarks, click here.
HD 24- Travis Hutson (R) 
HD 32- Larry Metz (R)
HD 33- Marlene O'Toole (R) 
HD 34- Jimmie Smith (R)
HD 37- Richard Corcoran (R)
HD 45- Randolph Bracy (D)
HD 48- Victor Torres (D)
HD 52- Rich Workman (R)
HD 55- Cary Pigman (R)
HD 56- Ben Albritton (R) 
HD 57- Jake Raburn (R) 
HD 60- Dana Young (R)
HD 62- Janet Cruz (D)
HD 71- Jim Boyd (R) 
HD 73- Greg Steube (R)
HD 80- Matt Hudson (R) 
HD 83- Gayle Harrell (R)
HD 85- Patrick Rooney (R)
HD 87- Dave Kerner (D)
HD 90- Lori Berman (D)
HD 91- Irv Slosberg (D) 
HD 97- Jared Moskowitz (D)
HD 98- Katie Edwards (D)
HD 99- Evan Jenne (D)
HD 101- Shevrin Jones (D)
HD 102- Sharon Pritchett (D)
HD 104- Richard Stark (D)
HD 106- Kathleen Passidomo (R)
HD 109- Cynthia Stafford (D) 
HD 120- Holly Raschein (R) 


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