Remembering Robin Hankins


Remembering Robin Hankins

Celebration of Life Service

Sunday, January 27, 4:00PM

Robin Hankins, minister, entrepreneur, teacher and gay activist, ended her 12 year battle with cancer on January 12th leaving behind a rich legacy of activism on behalf of women and the LGBT community. She helped to found Equality Florida, served as Board Chair in the early years and remained involved throughout our 15 year history. Our Equality Florida family is one less.

Robin was drawn to the ministry since age 11, she was eventually ordained by the Unity Progressive Council and the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training. Robin was the creator of As I Am, a national group dedicated to helping LGBT people find authenticity and reclaim relationships with family and community by providing resources that promote mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Even today, her lifetime commitment to education and awareness continues to pave the way so LGBT people can live honest and authentic lives. 

Robin is survived by her brothers John and Paul, her cousins Anne McInturff, Donna Sanford and Angie Hubbard, her many beloved friends and countless people across the country whose lives have been made better because of Robin's tireless advocacy.

Celebration of Life Service
Sunday, JAN 27
UCC Sanctuary

Unity Church of Clearwater
2465 Nursery Rd
Clearwater, FL  33764
[email protected]




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