Orlando Utilities Commission to Provide Domestic Partner Benefits

Central Florida's publicly owned Orlando Utilities Commission has announced Tuesday that they will begin offering Domestic Partnership benefits to their employees. This move comes after hard fought victories for these types of benefits by Equality Florida, local teams and local elected officials in; the City of Orlando, The City of Kissimmee, Orange County Government, and most recently The City of St. Cloud. All of these governments fall under OUC's service area. According to Wikipedia, OUC is the second largest locally owned electric utility in Florida and the 16th largest in the nation and serves 250,000 customers. Orange County Public Schools is one of the few Central Florida governments still does not provide these important benefits. For more details check out the Watermark story below. 

"On Oct. 11, all employees of the Orlando Utility Commission (OUC) received an email stating that health care benefits will now include domestic partners. The commission made the decision on the same day the email was sent. 

OUC provides electric and water to the vast majority of the residents of Orlando and St. Cloud. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer sits on the board. 
Rachel Gardiner is an employee of OUC. She said she that a few years ago, when the City of Orlando passed domestic partner benefits, she requested via the mayor that OUC do the same for utility employees. 

Open enrollment ends in November, which will set up OUC employees to receive coverage for domestic partners beginning in 2012."

You can find the original Watermark story here. 



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