Equality Florida Action PAC stands with George Sheldon on this historic day.


Today should have been the day Florida’s marriage ban ended forever, but Pam Bondi and Rick Scott made sure it didn’t and are continuing to block thousands of Floridians from marrying the person they love.


Faced with a parallel decision four years ago today, George Sheldon showed true leadership as he joined with then Gov. Crist and a republican attorney general in refusing to continue to defend the adoption ban.  


On this day four years ago when this district court struck down Florida’s adoption ban George Sheldon stopped enforcement of the ban immediately telling his staff statewide to no longer use sexual orientation as a qualification for adoption and instead to look only at a parent’s ability to provide a safe and loving home.


It’s the kind of leadership we must have from our state’s top lawyer. Unfortunately, Rick Scott and Pam Bondi have done the exact opposite. Their cowardly attempts to hide from the issue of marriage equality while simultaneously crusading to keep the ban in place have made them candidates who cannot be supported by anyone who values equality.


It is ridiculous to insist that Florida must wait for the Supreme Court to consider this issue. This discriminatory ban began in Florida and Florida should end it.  


With every civil rights movement in our nation’s history there have been states that did the right thing and others that only outlawed discrimination when the federal government and the US Supreme Court forced them to Gov. Scott and Pam Bondi should end the ban now, and not put Florida in the shameful position of only stopping this cruel discrimination when forced to by the Supreme Court.


Will Florida’s legacy on this issue be as one of the states that was shamed into granting basic human rights, just as others were forced to accept integration and interracial marriage?


The only question that remains is will governor Scott continue to hide behind Pam Bondi and pretend that this continued crusade against our families is not his design?


Today we are calling on Gov. Scott to meet with our families, to sit down with the real people he is fighting to keep from marrying, and hear directly why marriage matters to them.


Rick Scott and Pam Bondi should take a cue from George Sheldon and Charlie Crist who four years ago today helped end Florida’s adoption ban once and for all.  

Pictured: George Sheldon, Vanessa & Melanie Alenier (with son Ethan) and Stratton Pollitzer. 


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