Equality Florida Grieves the Loss of Bill McBride, Husband of Alex Sink, Equality Advocate and Former Gubernatorial Nominee.

We are all deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Bill McBride, who had a heart attack on Saturday while on vacation in North Carolina with his family. He was 67.

Bill McBride was formerly the managing partner of Holland & Knight –  the largest law firm in the state for several years. Husband of 2010 Democratic Candidate for Governor Alex Sink, McBride challenged Jeb Bush for Governor of Florida in 2002.

Sink said McBride’s legacy as an advocate for civil rights outshines his brief political career. “He was always a promoter of equality,” Sink said, adding that her husband championed survivors of the Rosewood racial massacre, pro bono legal work and gay rights.

Amy Mandel, Equality Florida Board Member, commented, “Bill and Alex were among the first supporters of Equality Florida, then called the Human Rights Task Force. They supplied us with our first real office space," says Amy, "Their support has never wavered over these past 20 years. Bill will be dearly missed."

Our love and heartfelt condolences go out to Alex and the rest of the McBride/Sink family.


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