TransAction Spotlight - Morgan Laisch

Morgan Laisch
TransAction Advisory Board Spotlight

"Last year, Equality Florida launched its statewide transgender inclusion initiative in support of the Transgender Community. With the creation of TransAction Florida's Advisory Board, we now have a statewide scope and reach to provide advocacy, awareness and education of the transgender journey. We are very pleased to highlight one of our Advisory Board Members each month in 2015. This month, we are honored to spotlight the incomparable Morgan Laisch."
- Gina Duncan, Transgender Inclusion Director

Morgan assumed a leadership role in Central Florida support groups even though she herself had not begun her physical transition process. She was interviewed by a local newspaper and Morgan realized she must be a voice for change. At times it was a difficult journey. Over the next year, she would lose her job, her family and her home. This adversity only fueled her passion more and she used her personal experiences to advocate against discrimination and social injustice.

Having served in the Marine Corp, Morgan has also been an advocate for change within the Veterans system. She has continued to fight for change within the defense department to allow transgender individuals to serve. Morgan has remained active in the Central Florida area and has been involved in many LGBT equality events at UCF and Rollins College. Morgan currently serves as TransActions Technology and Research analyst supporting the publication of the state's first Transgender Resource Guide scheduled to post this month.


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